What is AirPark?

AirPark is a service that makes it easy and efficient for users to manage everything related to their parking spaces on a digital platform.

A simpler, more efficient and better parking solution

The idea of AirPark was born when we realized that there is a great opportunity to revolutionize how we park by doing more with less. We want to create a sustainable environment and do good.

We saw that many cities struggle with parking problems and often there is not enough space for all drivers. At the same time, many parking spaces are empty for most of the day, leading to unnecessary waste of resources and money.

Therefore, we decided to create AirPark - a digital platform that makes it easy and efficient to manage everything related to parking spaces. With AirPark, users can easily find, book and pay for parking, while owners of parking spaces can increase the utilization of their spaces and generate additional income.

We believe that AirPark can contribute to solving parking problems in cities, while creating a more sustainable environment by reducing waste of resources and money. Our passion is to revolutionize how we park and we hope you want to be part of that journey with us!

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Download our app
The AirPark app is for you if you want to rent out your parking space or simply want to book a parking space or buy a parking permit. Download the AirPark app for iOS or Android and get started today.
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AirPark portal
If you have a parking space that visitors can use, the AirPark portal can help you easily manage prices and availability for your parking and keep track of control fees. The registration process is quick and easy, so you can get started today. With AirPark, you have full control over your parking, making it easy to customize prices and availability to meet your needs. You can also keep track of control fees, which can be an additional source of income for you by ensuring that your visitors pay for their parking. So if you want to simplify the management of your parking space, increase your income and make it easier for your visitors to park, register on the AirPark portal today!

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What is AirPark?