The simple parking solution

AirPark is a digital parking platform that makes it easy to manage parking spaces and parking permits. The platform is designed to be used by property owners, municipalities, event organizers and parking space owners. AirPark is a simple and effective solution for all who want to manage parking in a more efficient way.

A simple and effective parking solution

Sustainable parking

AirPark can contribute to more sustainable parking management by offering a digital platform for managing parking spaces. This can lead to reduced carbon dioxide emissions by minimizing the number of car trips and the amount of time that drivers need to spend searching for available parking spaces.

Parking sharing

By renting out their parking spaces with AirPark, users can earn money in the same way they would by renting out an apartment. Users can rent out their parking space when it is not in use, such as when they are at work or on vacation, so they can earn extra money on their parking space when it would otherwise be empty.

Digital parking management

There is no need for physical parking tickets as everything is handled through the AirPark portal and app. With the AirPark app, end customers can easily view their booked parking spaces and parking permits. It becomes an efficient and simple solution for both property owners and parking users. The platform enables easy management of various types of parking permits, such as guest parking, restricted times, and company parking.
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AirPark can help cooperatives to streamline parking in their properties. By using AirPark, cooperatives can easily manage parking permits and parking spaces. The platform enables easy management of various types of parking permits, such as guest parking, restricted times, and company parking. The cooperative can also, if they wish, issue fines with the AirPark app if parking is misused.
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Property owners
As a property owner, it can be challenging to manage all parking spaces effectively. But with AirPark, you can easily and smoothly create price and availability rules, issue parking permits, and manage the permit queue. You can also use AirPass to access a garage, which can make it easier for both visitors and staff. By using AirPark, you can streamline the process for everyone who parks on your properties and save both time and money. Users can also use the AirPark app to pay and manage their parking permits. The platform is easy to use and gives you the ability to manage your parking in a simple and smooth way.
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Event and temporary parking
AirPark offers an easy solution for event organizers or others who want to create a temporary parking solution. With AirPark, the organizer does not need to have staff receiving payments manually, but the process becomes much smoother and easier. The platform makes it easy to manage price and availability rules for parking, such as for a temporary parking area during the summer for visitors. AirPark also provides the opportunity to create AirPark Rewards for users, such as participating in a lottery or receiving a discount code. By using AirPark, event organizers can easily manage parking and streamline the process for visitors.
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Municipalities and cities
AirPark is a platform that enables cities and municipalities to manage parking spaces and parking permits in an easy way. Everything is handled through the AirPark portal and app, and it is possible to allow users to rent out their parking permits. This is environmentally friendly because we share our resources and can avoid building more parking spaces. By using AirPark, cities and municipalities can easily manage the parking in their city and at the same time make it easier for users to find parking.
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With the AirPark app, you can easily rent out your parking space when you're at work or on vacation and earn extra money while reducing the burden on the environment. By sharing your parking space with others, you can help reduce the need to build more parking spaces and contribute to a more sustainable city. The AirPark app makes it easy for you to find and book parking, while also earning money on your own parking space when it is not in use.
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AirPark portal
With the AirPark portal, you can easily configure and manage your own parking area or parking areas, including setting prices and availability, managing permits and permit queues, and managing control fees. You can also see statistics for your parking area. The portal gives you full control over your parking area and the ability to easily manage all aspects of it, whether you have one or multiple parking areas.
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Download our app
The AirPark app is for you if you want to rent out your parking space or simply want to book a parking space or buy a parking permit. Download the AirPark app for iOS or Android and get started today.

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